Mobile Applications

Saliens Android iPhone Windows Phone 7 development

The Saliens mobile application developers are in the latest trends in iPhone, Android, iPad, Symbian and Windows phone 7 application development. Saliens mobile apps team is one of the most creative in the company. Each application is new challenge and each challenge is completely new insight to your favorite mobile platform.

Windows Phone 7 is the backbone of the Saliens Mobile Apps. Our development team has completed numerous highly popular applications for Windows Phone 7 that have impressed both the customers and end-users. Our Windows Phone 7 engineers team is well equipped, highly specialized and always up to date making it easy to develop and distribute free, commercial, enterprise, or in-house applications.

Android is the most revolutionary technology bundled with Android SDK. This open source platform facilitate in making wide ranges of application for utility and business practices. Android Utility Applications help in extending the functional capability of the Android phone by providing added features for end users. Only experienced & skillful programmers can make the best use of Android SDK for developing cutting-edge Android Utility Applications.Our Android developers’ team uses latest development technologies, Java and Android framework for creation of custom applications for Smartphones, PDAs, Pocket PC and other mobile devices based on Android OS.

We take pride in our iPhone application development that are highly interactive and offer great user experience. It’s all about USER EXPERIENCE. If end user doesn’t like it – we make it better! We are offering custom applications development for Apple iPhone and iPad.


Our Services include:

  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Phone 7 Application Development
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Porting iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 Applications to any of the three mentioned Platforms