Saliens RocketRacer Application

saliens gsm/hspa voip gateway

The Saliens® RocketRacer, GSM/HSPA VoIP gateway, has many applications thanks to its highly customizable firmware. It is possible to modify the device on any desired way to achieve required function regarding SMS, Data and Voice functions without any restrictions except your own knowledge and expertise. You can even use the device as backup unit for your office connections. But instead of talking, here are examples of two most common ways the RocketRacer is being used.



When you are using your mobile abroad you are using “mobile roaming“. In this case all of your calls and messaging are done at a vastly increased cost. The reason for this is very simple, when you are in a foreign country you connect to one of its networks and all of your calls are routed via that network provider instead of your home provider.

It doesn’t just happen abroad though; you could be  on the White Cliffs of Dover and connect to an overseas network without realising, but luckily we thought about that as well.

For example, let’s say you have two Saliens RocketRacer devices, one in your home office and other in your remote branch what is located in another country. In normal case scenario when you make a call from your cell to one of your colleagues in remote branch you are making a “roaming call”.

It is of course very inefficient for two reasons: because you are paying usually outrageous amounts for roaming calls, and because your existing infrastructure which could support a better solution is now idle.

That’s when the RocketRacer saves the day. It uses existing national carrier network in both local and remote offices, so no roaming charges anymore. It also uses your internet connection to route your calls via VoIP. And it is extensible beyond that: you could have any number of RocketRacers deployed anywhere in the world, so ANY of your phones, be it mobile, fixed or softphone ANYWHERE can talk to ANY other phone for free, or at worst the price of a local call.

Naturally, all RocketRacers are easily managed from anywhere you want, so maintenance comes at the minimum price. It’s like having your own personal mobile network!



Another advantage of Saliens RocketRacer is a little less obvious, but it can potentially save a lot of time and resources to a business that relies on mobile communication. These types of business are rarely limited to customers of only one cellular operator or only one country.

The fierce competition often requires that the service is available globally, or at least in several important countries. This is very beneficial from the revenue standpoint, but it can also create a nightmare when it runs into problems. And it is almost inevitable that it will, because mobile network operators each have its own regulations – which is perfectly fine – and you cannot blame your customers for choosing this or that operator.

So how can RocketRacer help when these problems occur? Let’s focus on one of its core components – the GSM modem. Yes, RocketRacer is in fact a mobile phone (or 4 mobile phones to be exact) which can be controlled remotely. It is easily deployed in whatever part of the world is necessary, plugged into the nearest network socket with Internet connection, and voila! You have a phone in China, Russia, Australia or Brasil, connected to local network, and you can control it from your laptop while sitting in your back yard. Send SMS, talk, use data connection, everything is that easy. Oh, you have a mobile service and it seems to be having problems? Customers are not getting through? Use RocketRacer’s detailed logs and analytics to see where it went wrong.

Naturally, the best thing to do is to test your service with RocketRacer before going public.